The Education Minister of the UN-proposed government met in Italy with officials from prefabricated school buildings companies.

The minister is part of a Libyan delegation visiting Rome headed by the deputy head of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Mitig, accompanies by the Local Governing Minister, and Interior Minister, who all have met with the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gintoloni, and other Italian officials to talk about activating economic projects with Libya.

The Libyan minister also told the Italian companies' officials that Libya is in urgent need for prefabricated school buildings, especially in the areas where there had been clashes and military conflicts, in order to contain the dire need for schools by the areas, where residents had recently returned like Al-Awainat and Tawergha.

After a preliminary agreement, the Italian companies expressed readiness to start installing the prefabricated schools in very short time with accommodations varying from 6-8-12-24 classrooms as per the international standards and local necessities.

The Libyan minister also said that their ministry will review the architectural and financial necessities of the project in another meeting in Tripoli next month, when both Italian companies and Libyan officials will sit and discuss the project in black and white.