School punishment laws and regulations should be circulated to all education offices and clarified on a notice board, director of the Primary Education Department, Salem Ahmed, said on Sunday.

In his circular, Ahmed criticized some discipline practices such as physical and psychological punishment, stressing that beating, insulting or humiliating students violate the regulation set in this regard.

"Managing the behaviour of pupils should be through guidance and direction before restoring to other punishment," Ahmed said.

"Physical punishment and verbal abuse is unacceptable from an educational point of view, as it is a crucial stage in the formation of the child's character and preparing him for the future," the official added.

On the other hand, he underscored that any student misbehavior towards teachers that would prejudice their dignity and professional honour is also unacceptable.

The Ministry of Education had earlier denounced some discipline practices conducted by the headteacher of the Ahfad Al-Mujahideen School in Souq Al-Jum'aa, in which students received physical punishment.

The ministry called for an immediate investigation into the incident and encouraged students and their parents to file complaints and report any restrictive punishment that might occur.