Examination Heads of Departments and Education officials in the western region rejected the decision of the Education Minister-designate of the UN-proposed government about allowing failed students to resit exams for third time after doing them twice this year.

The education officials said in a statement in Nalut city that the decision is harmful to the education process in Libya and won’t benefit students at all, adding that they and other relevant officials were not consulted when taking the decision.

They pointed out that the decision should be amended, in three days, to become in harmony with the areas that went through exceptional conditions or else group resignations from the ones who signed the statement will be forwarded.

The Education Ministry of the Salvation Government (SG) in Tripoli said the decision of the UN-proposed government’s counterpart to hold resits for the failed students is against the laws and internal codes of the education system in Libya.

The SG Minister of Education Khalifa Al-Sarwi told all relevant officials across Libya not to implement the decision, which he said was made on the spur of the moment, urging the control departments to bring the “harmful bodies to the country” to justice.

The Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government agreed on holding resits for 2015-2016 schoolyear for all the students who failed in the primary, secondary and vocational schools, choosing December 25 as a start date for the “exceptional exams.”