State-run the General Services Company has warned of an imminent environmental and health disaster due to garbage pile-up at Abu Salim temporary rubbish dump in Tripoli.

The company said in a letter to the Ministry of Local Government that mountains of garbage are piling up at Abu Salim dump, and the failure to transmit the garbage to the final dump in Sidi Sayah district as soon as possible will lead to an environmental and health disaster.

It added that closure of Abu Salim dump means that garbage will also pile up in the streets of the capital.

The company disclaimed any responsibility for any damages that may occur, saying that lack of government funding is the main reason of the problem. 

Several Tripoli districts have been plagued by garbage woes due to the Presidential Council government inaction and its failure to provide budget for the smooth run of the General Services Company. Many Locals resorted to fly tipping and burning garbage to cope with the amount of rubbish waste in the streets.