Tasnim Hussein, a Libyan child who underwent a bone marrow transplant at the Nile Valley Hospital in Cairo, died on Friday, bringing the number of Libyans who lost their lives at the same facility to nine victims within four months, including a woman and seven other children.

The loss of Tasnim comes three days after the death of Barnia Al-Haddad, who suffered medical complications following a bone marrow transplant at the Nile Valley Hospital.

Families of the deceased talked about the poor services their children received at the Egyptian hospital; others took further action and filed complaints to the Public Prosecutor, accusing those responsible of negligence, and ill-treatment, as they demanded the Libyan government develop alternative solutions.

Mahmoud Abu Dabous, head of the National Organ Donation Support Organization, said that the patients and their families are suffering dire conditions in the hospital.

Abu Dbous urged the government to localize organ transplants inside Libya in light of the ill-treatment of Libyan patients abroad.

On the other hand, the head of medical affairs at the Libyan Health Office in Egypt, Mohamed Fawzi, said that the cases that died had a 50% success rate, indicating that the families of the deceased had signed a consent form before undergoing the surgery.