The National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) organized on Thursday a workshop to discuss the epidemiological situation according to the new World Health Organization (WHO) criteria, which provides a picture of the levels and stages of the spread of Covid-19.

The attendees discussed means to perform work at the new standards and how to organize the flow of data and information between various relevant facilities and the teams concerned.

The National Center for Disease Control stressed the importance of the WHO cooperation to increase the capabilities of the monitoring and response teams on the ground, especially those working in the southern region.

The activity targeted Libya's NCDC monitoring and rapid response team, as well as members of the technical cooperation office and the information, statistics, and data analysis office.

The workshop was also attended by a representative of the WHO office in Libya, in addition to several other WHO experts, who participated online.

The National Center for Disease Control registered 802 new Covid-19 cases during the last 24 hours, in addition to 794 recoveries and six fatalities.