Tarhuna's health system is in crisis, and the government has no plans to handle the situation, says the head of the Steering Council of Tarhuna, Muhammad al-Kasher.

Al-Kasher indicated in statements released by the council's media office that they have urged the government, time and again, to support the health system in Tarhuna, but services have remained in ruins for years.

According to al-Kasher, isolation centers in neighboring cities refused to hospitalize residents from Tarhuna, saying that the centres are packed, and all are in the same boat.

He held the government accountable for the legal and moral consequences of the health situation in the city.

The senior local official confirmed that the council had provided a site for establishing an isolation center in Tarhuna that would be equipped by the Health Ministry, but what he described as "bureaucracy and other causes" have hindered its preparation.

He called on the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) to urgently address the situation in Tarhuna and support the monitoring, response, and filtering team to control the spread of the epidemic in the city.

The council's head indicated that the public is responsible for fueling the new wave of Covid-19 by not obeying the public health guidance put out for this purpose.

He urged residents to adhere to social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding large crowds and social events.

Nationwide, around 2171 have tested positive for coronavirus during the past week, while 22 families grieved the new loss of a loved one to Covid-19 for the same period, according to the NCDC weekly update.