The Moroccan "360" news website has quoted a government source, which name was not revealed as saying that Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh and President of the High Council of State (HCS) Khaled Al-Mishri are in Morocco to hold a series of consultations with Moroccan authorities.

The website said that Saleh and Al-Mishri arrived in Rabat on Saturday, January 1, separately from Libya, adding that their visit comes amid disagreements over various issues related to the Libyan conflict, especially the recently postponed presidential and legislative elections.

360 website pointed out that it is not clear whether Saleh and Al-Mishri will meet face to face in Rabat. However, it said the Kingdom of Morocco is keen on maintaining peace and security in Libya and calls for resolving the conflict through dialogue.

The HCS had denied in a tweet on Sunday that Al-Mishri traveled to Morocco to meet Aqila Saleh, insisting that the HCS head did not leave Tripoli.