A bride from the besieged city of Derna in east Libya found herself in a dilemma after Dignity Operation militia groups stopped her motorcade at a checkpoint west of the city, and refused to let them pass through.

Local residents said the bride was en route to her new house in Bayda city when the militia groups told them that there were orders to ban vehicles from leaving Derna.

The bride's family had earlier been promised by the militias to allow them to cross the sand barriers and checkpoints unhindered, but they were surprised by the refusal to exit on arrival at the first checkpoint.

After several hours of waiting and negotiations, the bride and her escorts had to walk through the checkpoints and sand barriers for several kilometres until they reached Kirissah town where her bridegroom was waiting for her.

Dignity Operation forces continue to force residents of Derna to cross the sand barriers on foot, walking for a long distance, including patients, elderly, children and women in the midst of a suffocating siege of the city for more than two weeks.