Indian migrants

The Libyan authorities have released 17 Indian nationals after six months of detention.

The group of migrants set off from their country, aiming to reach Italy before they found themselves stranded in Libya, according to Indian MP Vikramjit Singh Sahney, who followed up on their case until their release.

He said the group were victims of a scam set up by travel agents in Punjab and Delhi, which were supposed to send them to work in Italy.

"The migrants left India in February via Dubai and then Egypt before they found themselves in Libya after a few days," Sahni said.

According to the Indian official, the migrants were deprived of fundamental needs such as food and water and suffered physical harassment during their detention in Zuwara city, some 100 km west of the Capital, Tripoli.

In early June, India's Ambassador to Tunisia, Ngulkham Jathom Gangte, announced the release of nine Indian citizens who had been detained in Libya for several months near Tripoli.