Jafara’s Zahraa town in southwestern Tripoli was the scene for fierce clashes that left 7 killed and 4 injured on Tuesday.

Jafara university, citing unrest, said study is suspended till next week, while education department in the area announced Thursday off for all students due the clashes.

The incident broke at night on Tuesday near the hospital in southern Zahraa town, where eyewitnesses said that the gunfire was opened in a cinematic manner on the scene.

“Fighters from Brigade 55 led by Moamar Al-Dawi were sitting at the café when gunmen opened fire on them, killing seven immediately and leaving others injured.” Eyewitnesses said.

Jafara security department has not yet identified the suspects, but said it is working on bringing them to justice.

Lack of security and real government presence in Wershiffana – where Zahraa town is located – is very weak, thus allowing armed groups which are on the surface related to the interior ministry to control the district.

Some of those armed groups are loyal to Presidential Council’s western military zone, others are led by Emad Al-Trabelsi who identifies with the interior ministry, and the rest are loyal to the commander of the self-styled army Khalifa Haftar.