The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) expressed deep concern in a statement issued Saturday about the reports that said 28 bodies were found on the road nearby Hira Valley since last Wednesday and up until Friday.

"We have received information that several Wershiffana military officials were killed and their bodies were desecrated after they had been detained by the joint forces room under the Zintan Military Council's command in cooperation with the Presidential Council's western military zone. The killings happened during the armed clashes in the district." The NCHRL added.

It added that reliable sources told its documentation and investigation bureau that 14 bodies were sent to Sibea Hospital and others were sent to Tarhouna Hospital, disallowing the families of the victims to see the corpses for unknown reasons.

"We appeal to the military attorney general, UNSML's human rights body, and Human Rights Commissioner at the UN to open an immediate investigation into the incident and to see to what extent this crime violates international humanitarian laws, Geneva war captives accord and internal conflicts' protocols." NCHRL explained.

It also called on the relative authorities to help allow the families of the victims to retrieve the bodies and make proper burials for them, saying that such a crime is against all the international laws.

Fighting erupted in Wershiffana district in western Libya days ago between local armed groups and the forces led by commander of the western military zone, Osama Jowaili, who was appointed by the Presidential Council in cooperation with Zintan military council in order to fight off criminals and bandits as well as "Popular Front for Liberation of Libya" gunmen, who are loyal to deceased dictator Moamar Gaddafi and are positioned in Wershiffana.

The clashes ended last Wednesday when a collapse of Wershiffana brigades had taken effect.