The political parties of National Front, Al-Taghyeer, Justice and Construction, Libya Development and National Action, Ya Biladi, Libya Technocrats, and the National Forces Alliance established a communication network: “The Communication Network for a Group of Libyan Political Parties" with the aim to present initiatives, proposals and solutions to the current political impasse, and to communicate with all actors locally and internationally in order to stress the role of Libyan political parties in building the democratic state.

The parties expressed their rejection of the use of violence in all its forms as a political tool, and said that the projects of militarization of the state and seizing power by force constitute a coup against the right of the Libyan people to build a democratic state based on a constitution approved by the people through referendum.

The parties added in their statement on Saturday that the only solution to end the current political deadlock is to renew legitimacy through free, fair and transparent elections, in which political parties have an essential role in accordance with the "partisan lists' system".

The statement called on all Libyans to give priority to national interests, confront all negative external interference, end the state of conflict and division, and work to achieve national reconciliation and a permanent constitution for the country.