The deputy chairman of the Presidential Council, Abdulsalam Kajman confirmed during a press conference that the government had finally approved to allocate a budget for security arrangements in wake of the crisis in Southern Libya.

Kajman accompanied by several other ministers of the government confirmed during the press conference, which was held at the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s office, that the meeting they had focused exactly on the humanitarian and war-crisis currently unfolding in the southern regions.

"A new committee on security and military affairs has also been formed with the approval of several ministers including Interior Minister Fathi Bashaagha and Minister of Finance Faraj Bumoutari." He noted.

Kajman also stressed that the violence in the South was ‘dangerous and alarming’ – adding that the armed gangs of Chadian opposition groups are a ‘threat to the Libyan sovereignty’.

He furthermore praised the military efforts that are currently being exerted by Libyan factions to repel the Chadian gangs and their violence, specifically in the regions of Umm al-Araben and Tamisah.

It is worth noting that the violence in some areas of the South has been ongoing on and off for 10 days and has resulted in the death and injury of dozens of people.