The Libyan Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, announced the start of investigations into the rupture of the two dams in the city of Derna to determine whether the case is tainted by corruption or negligence.

Al-Sour said in a statement to the Libyan News Agency in Derna, on Friday evening, that charges couldn’t be proven except after the end of the investigations that would determine the facts and reveal the elements of the crime, stressing that there would be no impunity for any perpetrators.

He added that experts would determine whether there were structural or hydraulic faults or corruption, and those involved would be prosecuted. He also decided to increase the number of members of the Public Prosecution’s Office in the area to complete investigations as quickly as possible.

Al-Sour stressed that the investigations would show whether the two dams, which were originally designed to protect the city from floods and to avoid retaining rainwater, were collapsing which led to their bursting or they burst for other reasons.

Al-Sour confirmed that there was no threat to public health as a result of the decomposition of the bodies, stressing that morgues were brought to Derna to enable teams to do forensic work on the bodies and determine the identity of their owners through DNA. He added that there would be no risks to public health if the body remained for a day or two to complete the procedures.