The Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour on Wednesday said that officials from the present administration would be involved in the investigation into the collapse of the Derna Dam.

Al-Sour pledged to take all necessary measures to ensure justice is served and to bring those responsible to account.

Negligence and financial corruption have been ongoing issues for a long time, says Al-sour, indicating that investigations will encompass the actions of prior administrations spanning over the past two decades.

The AG called on the executive authorities to create an appropriate environment for the prosecution to complete the investigation procedures. However, he did not give a specific deadline for the completion of the process.

"Had measures been taken during the past several years, the Derna disaster could have been averted," Al-Sour said, stressing that the tragedy that struck the city requires a review of contracts for other dams.

According to the AG, the investigations will also include the Water and Water Resources Authority and the Derna Reconstruction Committee.