One of the notables from al-Zawiya city, Mohammed Al-Kemjaji, said the notables of the city came to terms regarding effecting a truce and a ceasefire after three days of fierce armed clashes.

In a TV statement, Al-Kemjaji added that the agreement includes an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of all the military vehicles from Al-Zawiya city.

“Both warring armed groups must turn in the wanted men to a disinterested party and if they fail to do so, the wanted culprits will be tribally and socially disowned by the two armed groups.” Al-Kemjaji cited from the agreement.

The vice president of Al-Zawiya Notables and Elders Council, Adel Osamn, said both armed groups agreed Monday evening to cease their fire and a committee from the council will meet them to ensure that none of them breaches the truce.