Sources from Derna reported Thursday the Darnes sports club’s administration as saying that armed men at Labreg airport assaulted and beat two of the team’s swimmers who were coming back from Tripoli after participating at the Misrata Swimming Tournament.

The sports crew that was at the airport included sportsmen from Darnes, Al-Afriqi, and Al-Nujoom from Derna city and they were all participating at the Misrata Swimming Tournament, the sources said, adding that this was not the first time sportsmen from Derna had taken a beating or had undergone physical or verbal assaults or even kidnap.

Some armed men from Dignity Operation arrested the footballer Hussam Al-Sheikh, who plays for Al-Nujoom in Derna, weeks ago after they had arrested Khalifa Abu Khitwa, who plays for Al-Afriqi in Derna too. While it released the international Libyan footballer, Anis Mickraz, after detaining him for three months without any charges.