The Head of the Audit Bureau, Khalid Shakshak, discussed with the Minister of Transportation, Mohammed Al-Shahoubi, the plan to rescue Libyan Airlines company and overcome the difficulties it had been facing, including completing the maintenance of its aircraft to resume operations with its entire fleet.

This discussion came in a meeting attended by the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Holding Company, the Chairman and General Manager of the Board of Directors of Al-Afriqiyah Airlines Company, a member of the Board of Directors of the Libyan Airlines Company, and the directors of the relevant departments in the Audit Bureau.

The meeting reviewed what was indicated in the Audit Bureau’s report for 2022 regarding Al-Afriqiyah Airlines, in addition to the positive indicators achieved by the company, especially its operating revenues for 2023.

The attendees agreed to set a timetable presented by the management of the Libyan Airlines company to implement its rescue plan, present it to the Minister of Transportation, and have the Audit Bureau undertake follow-up procedures.