The Libyan east-based Interim Government has announced two days off in Benghazi – Wednesday and Thursday – due to heavy rain and bad weather conditions.

Benghazi has seen, over the last days, heavy rainfall and floods, which reached various vital institutions including Benina Airport.

Benina Airport suspended fights as the rainwater stormed into its vicinity and inside the waiting lounge, while one of the valleys surrounding the airport was flooded and thus immersed the majority of the airport in water.

Meanwhile, the Interim Government’s spokesman Hatim Al-Araibi said the city is on alert to respond for any happenings due to the weather conditions.

The emergency room of Benghazi Scouts asked the concerned authorities to head to Bunasib area in Benghazi to help families in distress.

Likewise, drivers were asked to be careful on the roads, especially on Rajma heights, due to rainwater.

Eastern Libya is seeing considerable rainfalls that have wreaked havoc in the region due to poor infrastructure.