Brigade 444 in Libya has announced the arrest of two members of the notorious Al-Kani militia, who are wanted by the Public Prosecution, saying on Facebook that a unit of the Libyan army managed to arrest the two people, whom he described as among the most prominent criminals in Al-Kani militia. The Tarhouna-based militia was involved in several crimes, including murder, kidnapping, theft and mass graves.

Brigade 444 added that one of the men was the driver of the militia boss, Mohammed Al-Kani, and participated in the attack on a residential neighborhood in 2014 in the center of Tarhouna, which left a number of victims, in addition to the attack on the Al-Rawajeh area in 2017, which also resulted in the killing of dozens.

It added that the driver also participated in the "Seventh Brigade" war in 2018 in Tripoli and kidnapped two people from inside their houses in Tarhouna, in addition to stealing their car and personal belongings. He is also accused of a murder case in 2020.

The second arrested man participated in blocking the coastal road in Garabulli, and in killing two people as well as tossing their bodies on the coastal road, in addition to many other murder cases that were found in mass graves recently, according to the Brigade.