An uneasy calm has descended on Al-Zawiya city and armed clashes have ceased, according to sources from the city.

The sources added that on Wednesday, the surrounding of Jamal Abdelnaser and Omar Al-Mukhtar streets in Al-Zawiya were void of any armed presence after a bloody Tuesday resumption of fight between two local armed groups.

The clashes broke last week at the first place, however; toward the end of that week, a ceasefire between the two armed groups was attained and signed under the supervision of the western region’s notables and elders.

In the meantime, Al-Zawiya Council of Elders and Notables condemned the resumption of clashes and terrifying of the civilians as well as the damage done to their personal belongings and properties in the street-to-street clashes, pointing out that the social fabric must remain well-knitted despite all attempts to tear it apart.

“Unless the civilian institutions are brought back to resume work in Al-Zawiya, the city won’t be stable.” The council said in a statement, calling on all to fight the criminals and to hand the wanted to justice.”

The council also called on the city community to issue a biding code of honor and get it signed by all who live in the city so they can avoid any more armed clashes, stressing that compensations must be made to those who received damage due to the fight.

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