Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah visited Tripoli's Fish Market, (Bab Bahr), on Monday, and stopped to talk with consumers and fishermen, who briefed him on the challenges facing this traditional industry.

Dbeibah toured the market along with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Marine Resources before hearing about the conditions and problems of fish marketing from the stakeholders.

The head of the Fishermen's Union, who was present along with other union leaders, complained about high operating costs, including fuel prices and ongoing maintenance, which all eat into high shore prices, as they say.

A statement by the PM media office said the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Marine Resources to prepare a plan to address the problems referred to and acknowledged the need to support fishers.

Intuitively, fish food is a popular choice for a nation gifted with the longest Mediterranean coastline among African countries, but eventually, many types of fish stayed well out of reach of middle-class people for their high price.

On May 22, the Ministry of Economy and Trade imposed a total ban on the export of all types of fish to help regulate the flow of fish in the local market and control their prices.