Dignity Operation militias arbitrarily arrested several opponents in the eastern town of Ajdabiya, days after taking over major oil terminals in the region.

Media outlets said the crackdown on Dignity Operation opponents is carried out by militia groups loyal to Khalifa Haftar.
"Around 70 people have been arrested so far," Al-Bayda Media Center reported.

Khalifa Haftar militias have also confiscated the house of Ibrahim Jodran, chief of so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard, and attacked its gate with an RPG.

Meanwhile, social media activists revealed Sunday a list of 12 wanted people from the residential district of Ras Lanuf believed to have links to Ibrahim Jodran.

There are concerns that Ajdabiya town will face the same Benghazi scenario where hundreds of Dignity Operation opponents were killed and many others escaped the city.

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