The command of the so-called Dignity Operation said, in a statement Saturday, that it won’t allow any of the ministries or bodies that are part of the UN-proposed government to work in Benghazi before they receive the approval of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives.

The statement also explained that the Security Backup Department and Special Tasks Department have been labelled as militias.

Meanwhile, Al-Thanni government’s Minister of Interior, Mohammed Al-Fakhiri, ordered, in a statement posted by Al-Thanni government Friday, the cancellation of the “Special Tasks Force” and ordered that all its properties must be transferred to the Ministry of the Interior.

Likewise, the spokesman of the so-called the General Command of the Armed Forces of the HoR, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said Saturday in a recorded statement that the decision of the Interior Minister was taken by the desire of Benghazi locals to end the illegitimate bodies.

He also pointed out that the General Command of the Armed Forces won’t allow the replacement of former criminal names, such as the shields, with other new names that ignore the sacrifices of Benghazi residents, according to Al-Mismari’s statement.

“Victory is so close.” Said Al-Mismari, warning of the people whom he described as “hindrance to this victory,” and of the people who want to backstab the armed forces, security departments, and the volunteering fighters of Dignity Operation by extending their hands to “the fighters group and Muslims Brotherhood Group,” he added.

He also urged parents to withdraw their sons from “the illegitimate” bodies to save the bloodshed and the well-knitted social fabric in Benghazi, saying “You have been warned.”

It is worth noting that the “Special Tasks Forces” was one of the forces that secured the Defense Minister-designate of the UN-proposed government, Mihdi Al-Barghathi when he returned to Benghazi coming from Tripoli on May 31.