Spokesperson of Dignity Operation Ahmed Al-Mismari declared on Wednesday the installation of two military chiefs for the central and western regions by the Presidential Council as illegal.

Speaking in his weekly press conference, Al-Mismari also said the promotion of two military chiefs to Major Generals is illegal.

Head of the Presidential Council Fayaz Sirraj installed Tuesday Osama Al-Jwaili, from Zintan, as Chief of the Western Military Zone and Mohammed Al-Haddad, from Misrata, as Chief of the Central Military Zone. He also promoted them to Major Generals in his capacity as “Supreme Commander of the Libyan National Army.”

“We, in the General Command, confirm that we have no links to the promotions or to the military zones of the Presidential Council. We regard them as invalid decisions.” He stated.

Al-Mismari also denied social media rumors that there were coordination between them and the Presidential Council regarding the setup of military zones and appointments of the military chiefs.

“We conveyed everything we had to Sirraj at Abu Dhabi meeting, but he failed to comply,” he said, adding that “the General Command” is now free of any obligation to the results of that meeting.

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