The member of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Yonis Fannush, said Cyrenaica HoR members’ acts have crossed the red line, pointing out that they are advocating separating Libya into three regions.

On Facebook Wednesday, Fannush, said those members seized the chance of looking for UN-proposed government’s members, so they brought up the idea of a meeting for each region’s members to pick up names for the posts. Then, they said Cyrenaica members had picked up three names to represent them in the government, Fannush added, indicating that he is sorry to see the members of the west and south involved in the issue.

“Two Cyrenaica HoR members are trying to break the unity of the members from the east and west by threats and accusations of betrayal, which made the western ones leave the hall.” He added.

He also said that those members, who think they represent Cyrenaica, are very few in the east and they only represent the Federalists, saying their utmost aim is separation.