The Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army announced the conclusion of the final stage of the maritime security exercise “Seaboard 23” off the coast of the Italian city of Augusta, jointly organized by Libya and Italy.

The media office of the Chief of Staff explained that the exercise was attended by the navies of the 5+5 Defense Initiative countries: Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and Tunisia.

The media office added that the exercise included a theoretical aspect that had a number of lectures and workshops for conducting the exercise and sailing, while the practical aspect included carrying out search and rescue operations, storming suspicious ships, naval maneuvers, combating a terrorist attack, protecting the ship, displaying naval formations to VIP visitors, and night training exercises for intelligence officers.

It also indicated that the exercise came within the framework of implementing the maritime activities programmed for the year 2023 for the 5+5 Defense Initiative, with the aim of enhancing operational capabilities, exchanging information, and awareness of the maritime activities to ensure safety and surveillance in the Western Mediterranean basin.