The administration of the Man-Made River Hasawna system confirmed Sunday that a fire broke in one of the power units that feeds 24 water wells as one of the service works' teams were doing their daily routine jobs.

On Facebook, the administration said the service team saw SSE4 power unit on fire as they arrived to the western wells field in Hasawna, adding that firefighters arrived later on to put out the fire.

"First reported damages included one of the power generators and other losses will be announced later after the damage is fully assessed." It added.

Later on, the administration issued a statement saying it won't be able to pump water after the service and maintenance works finish at Shuwairif area, where works started days ago.

Last Monday, the Man-Made River announced an urgent maintenance operation that will take 9 days to finish so that afterwards water supplies will return to Tripoli and coastal cities not after October 25.

Yet afterwards, a Gaddafi-loyal group attacked the Man-Made River and vowed to blow it up if the Special Deterrent Force (SDF) did not release Al-Mabrouk Ehnish, who was arrested after he tried to enter southern Tripoli with a military force known as The Popular Front for Liberating Libya - a political arm for Gaddafi's henchmen.

The armed group also threatened to explode the gas pipelines that feed Mellitah Complex if the SDF did not release Ehnish.

Meanwhile, as the armed group's deadline for the release of their comrade ended, it is hardly clear whether the fire at the power unit in the Man-Made River was an accident or just a manifestation of the armed group's threat, given the fact that the administration said it couldn't flow water as normal as before after finishing its maintenance works.