The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL)‎ has expressed concern about the armed clashes that residence in Sabha experienced on Tuesday.

A fight broke out in the early hours of Tuesday morning between a military formation belonging to the Government of National Unity and a pro-Haftar militia force after the latter attacked a group of security officers and looted around ten new police vehicles.

The NCHRL called on both sides to immediately stop the "violent acts" and hostilities, holding them responsible for the consequences of what could happen.

Meanwhile, the Sabha Medical Centre confirmed that Tuesday's clashes resulted in the death of one person and the injury of two others.

The NCHRL urged the authorities to intervene urgently to stop the fighting and restore security and stability in the city.

"The safety and protection of the civilian population is a core responsibility of the Government of National Unity," the NCHRL said.

It underlined that such hostilities in densely populated civilian areas might fall under the war crimes category, demanding prosecution for the perpetrators at the international level.

The Sabha Security Directorate confirmed to The Libya Observer Wednesday that the situation in the city is calm but remains tense.

However, a family residing in Sabha told The Libya Observer that tension and fear remain overwhelming in the city.

"On our way home, we could see more and more military vehicles massing in several points and fighters erecting earthen berms, the source which wanted to stay anonymous for safety reasons said, confirming that many government buildings and services, including schools, remain closed.