The French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said he will chair a meeting on Libya next Thursday at the headquarters of the United Nations.

Le Drian told reporters that the aim of the meeting is getting more engaged in the political process and push for holding an international conference to end the conflict in Libya.

He indicated that whoever thinks that there can be a military solution to Libyan crisis is wrong and is plunging the country into more hazards, adding that this meeting should be a first step ahead of an international conference.

"I am not the one who says what role Khalifa Haftar has in Libya. Libyans should do that in a dialogue manner that would be possible after the upcoming international conference." Le Drian added.

Le Drian will be joined by Italian Foreign Minister, Representatives of permanent member states, Germany, UAE, Egypt, and Turkey as well as European Union, African Union, and Arab League, AFP reported.