The ball is now in the UN Mission and House of Representatives' court to decide on the political dialogue, GNC First Deputy President Awad Abdul-Sadiq said on Tuesday.

Speaking in a press conference following a congress sitting, Abdul-Sadiq pointed out that the GNC had devoted all possible efforts to the political dialogue and now it is the turn of the UN mission and Tobruk Parliament to decide.

"The UN mission neglected the GNC's proposed amendments to participate actively in the government of concord." He said.

"We are waiting for responses from the HoR and UNSMIL to find a solution to the political crisis." He noted.

He added that the GNC will return to its two regular meetings every week to address the main daily issues concerning the people, in addition to the problems facing them.

"We will start focusing on the key and fundamental issues of concern to the people, and the problems that face them in their lives." He underlined.

During Tuesday sitting, the GNC didn't go further into discussing the dialogue. Instead, it reviewed and amended some laws, and other issues related to the health sector.

The GNC sitting was attended by 75 members out of 120.