The High Council of State (HCS) reaffirmed its condemnation of communication with the Zionist entity, reiterating the criminalization of the sit-down, and holding the government directly responsible for those involved in the meeting.

In a press briefing after the conclusion of its 90th session held on Tuesday, the HCS called for guaranteeing the right to peaceful demonstration, in accordance with applicable Libyan legislation, and condemned all arbitrary and unjust arrests. It also called for avoiding tampering with public and private property.

The HCS urged for the formation of a parliamentary committee to follow up on the ongoing investigations in the Attorney General’s Office, regarding the “suspicious communication” of the Government of National Unity (GNU) with the Zionist entity.

The HCS discussed the repercussions of the Foreign Minister's meeting with her Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen, and demanded speeding up the publication of the results of the investigations into this meeting, in addition to holding those involved in it accountable. 

The HCS suspended its session afterward until next Monday in order to discuss the results of the work of the 6+6 joint committee and ways to create conditions for achieving free and fair elections that meet the aspirations of the Libyan people.