The High Council of State (HCS) said it was closely monitoring with concern the news about violations in registration and distribution of voter cards, saying on Sunday that such violations are systematic and Head of the High National Elections Commission Emad Al-Sayeh is responsible for such violations.

The HCS denounced the attack on member of the General National Congress (2012-2016) Mahmoud Andelaziz Al-Werfalli by Interior Ministry personnel after he revealed violations in registration and distribution of voter cards. It also called for a probe into the documented assaults and then holding the perpetrators accountable.

Al-Werfalli was assaulted Saturday by some gunmen, mostly wearing Interior Ministry police uniforms, at Abu Salim voter card registration center in Tripoli. After the incident, he said he was at the center "Al-Sumood School" after he was told by a member of his family that someone had taken their voter card and they couldn't personally take it from the center, explaining that tens of people were at the center with the same case, so he wanted to film the issue and document it, but security guards rejected.