The head of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Imad Al-Sayeh, reaffirmed the readiness of the commission to hold the elections on time, through the geographical constituencies.

Al-Sayeh, praised during his participation in the Libyan salon, that took place in Tripoli today, under the sponsorship of the National Libyan Channel, the voter registration update, which commenced at the end of last year, for overcoming the political division.

He also clarified that two conditions out of a total of four, are available, for conducting the electoral process, including, the political consensus, which was reached in the Paris Meeting, and the presidential decision on financing the HNEC budget in an amount of 66,120,000 Libyan dinars, adding that the third condition for conducting the electoral process is law and legislation, while the fourth condition is securing the electoral process.

Al-Sayeh said that the commission is waiting for the outcomes of the House of Representatives (HoR) in terms of electoral laws and the referendum law.

He also stressed that the commission conducted successful elections in 2012 and 2014, through the action plan developed by specialists, praising in the same context the role of civil society organizations in the monitoring process.

Al-Sayeh revealed that there are 1912 electoral centres with 7,000 polling stations, which need highly professional personals to make the electoral process a success in any future electoral process.

There has been a widespread controversy in the country over whether to hold a parliamentary and presidential elections before the end of this year or to postpone it until holding a referendum on the constitution, so the elections would be held under a constitutional rule.

The House of Representatives failed last week to pass the referendum law on the constitution, after a dispute between its members over certain articles of the law.