The committee of political agreement at the High Council of State (HCS) said the council is ready to resume dialogue with the House of Representatives (HoR), saying the dialogue should kick off without any more delay.

On Facebook, the committee responded to the initiative of the eastern members of the HoR about the oil terminals saying the HCS’s relation to the HoR is specified by the Libyan Political Agreement that pushes for end of institutional and political division.

“The LPA mechanisms pave the way for the elections and the constitution to end the transitional phase so Libya can become stable. Libyans all need to build a state for all without any exclusion.” The committee added.

47 MPs proposed last Friday an initiative to have a unified administration for the National Oil Corporation to have control over oil terminals and to be based in Benghazi, in addition to adopting HoR’s decision regarding the central bank, among other points.