The member of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) Al-Salheen Abdelnabi said what's been going on in Libya since February 17 2011 is related to "handing Libya to intelligence bureaus of countries looking for their own interests in Libya."

Abdelnabi told Libya Al-Hadath TV Channel on Tuesday that those countries want to keep Libya in the level of failed states in coordination with some of the individuals who are in power now in the country and who are in contact with international intelligence.

"UK's policies and its ambassador in Libya Peter Millett are one of the reasons behind political corruption in Libya." the HoR member remarked.

He alleged that there is a group of contacts on "Viber" application that was created by political activists (200 people) including Millett, saying "this is ridiculous and a way of giving Libya's sovereignty to westerners on a plate."

"The UNSMIL is working on administrating the crisis in Libya and not on finding a solution for it given the current division inside the HoR after the passing of the Libyan Political Agreement and its failure." He went on, adding that Libyans should try to put thing on track and take to the streets as they did in 2011 so that they regain Libya's sovereignty and keep foreign intervention away.