The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh said he would withdraw from the session to elect a second deputy speaker because one of the candidates had accused him of forgery in the past, adding that the candidate issued a statement saying "I was making forgery".

Saleh postponed the election of the second deputy speaker to the next session, without mentioning the member who accused him of forgery, knowing that there is a number of HoR members who issued a statement after the session of withdrawing confidence from the Government of National Unity in which they accused Saleh of falsifying the number of attendance and the result of the vote.

Other HoR members accused Saleh of falsification when announcing the election of Fathi Bashagha as head of the government.

The HoR spokesman Abdullah Blehiq announced the postponement of the session to elect a second deputy speaker, adding that the Tuesday session reviewed unified salary arrangements and approved a minimum wage of 1000 Libyan dinars.