The personnel of the Intelligence Department in Tripoli issued a statement Thursday saying the attack on their headquarters and the robbery of its documents are two apparent proofs of a conspiracy being plotted against the intelligence authority from the inside and the outside.

The intelligence personnel reaffirmed in their statement that they are going to maintain the unity of the department and will continue to be responsible for the national security of Libya, pointing out that they will hit with an iron fist all those who violate the country’s security.

“All relevant authorities at the Interior Ministry and the judicial departments should take the needed measures to hold those who attacked the intelligence department in Tripoli accountable and bring them to justice.” The statement reads.

It also called on all Tripoli residents to disown the militias that operate among them and to withdraw their sons from them so that they save the capital from chaos and political division, indicating that the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade has got honorable revolutionary fighters who cannot bear such criminality.