The Libyan Interior Ministry said it had opened a probe for the allegations reported by the BBC in which Libyan coastguards and police were accused of illegal practices.

The ministry added in a statement Saturday that the concerned authorities were looking into the report and would talk to the journalists to see if they have evidence for the report's claims.

"We will never be soft with the human traffickers and the abusers as well as smugglers of the illegal immigrants." The statement reads, adding that Libya respects human rights laws and will hold abusers accountable.

It also called on international actors to commit to their obligation regarding the illegal immigration crisis, saying NGOs' ships are encouraging migrants to take the risk in the open sea.

It also said that Libya is cooperating with the international community and is ready to deport immigrants to their home countries.

BBC posted last Wednesday a report including accusations for the Libyan coastguards and police of illegal activities.