Minister of Interior, Khaled Mazen, on Monday, reiterated during a meeting with the UN Envoy and Head of Mission in Libya, Jan Kubis, that the Interior Ministry has the ability and experience to ensure the conduct of safe elections.

The minister stressed that his ministry has set out its priorities, and developed a fully articulated plan, to ensure better performance and address complex issues with the efforts of its members and leadership, according to a statement by the Interior Ministry.

In turn, Kubis expressed his desire for the joint development program to continue and touched upon several issues, the most important of which is training specialized cadres in the mine clearance field.

He also discussed the ceasefire agreement, opening the coastal road, and providing the appropriate environment for holding elections next December.

The two sides raised the illegal immigration issue, its implications, and the importance of expanding cooperation to address this file.

The human rights file in Libya was another issue on the table and in this regard, the interior minister and the UN envoy stressed the importance of building specialized cadres in this field, besides the Interior Ministry's role in fostering and safeguarding human rights in the country.