The Italian news agency Nova said that the visit of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Tripoli last week broke the impasse regarding the appointment of a new ambassador to Libya in Rome.

Nova said that during Meloni's visit to Libya, Tripoli authorities - Government of National Unity headed by Abdul Hamid Dbiebah - insisted on appointing a new permanent diplomatic representative in Italy. According to Nova, citing Libyan sources, the appointment will be accepted by the Italian side.

Among the candidates for the post is the spokesman for the former Government of National Accord (GNA) and its Minister of State for the Families of the Martyrs, Wounded and the Missing Affairs Muhannad Younis, Nova said.

The Libyan diplomatic headquarters in Rome has remained without an ambassador for months, especially after the arrest of the former ambassador, Omar Al-Tarhouni, on suspicion of his involvement in corruption and embezzlement cases.