Italy confirmed its support for the Head of the Presidential Council regarding the reconstruction of areas affected by the devastating floods that swept through eastern Libya last September, in addition to itd support for the High Finance Committee.

The Italian ambassador Gianluca Alberini discussed in his meeting on Sunday with Mohammed Menfi in Tripoli the efforts to open the air route between Tripoli and Rome, and combating illegal immigration, in addition to the ongoing war in Palestine, especially the developments in the Gaza Strip, according to the media office of the Head of the Presidential Council.

The media office added that the Italian ambassador reiterated Italy's support for the vision of the Presidential Council to unify efforts to reconstruct all flood-hit areas, stressing Rome's support for the work of the High Finance Committee.

Menfi thanked the Italian President and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for providing support and responding to Libya’s request for international assistance to search for missing persons and assist citizens in the affected areas, in addition to enhancing cooperation in the political file through the (P3+2) group.

Regarding the developments in Palestine and the situation in the Gaza Strip as a result of the brutal war waged by the occupation forces, Menfi stressed the necessity of protecting civilians, respecting international law, and rejecting the displacement of the people of Gaza under any pretext because of the danger it would pose to Arab and Libyan national security.