The Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (in Italian: COPASIR) has expected Libya to be destabilized, Decode39 website has indicated.

The website added that the permanent conflict and the potential growth of Russian influence resulting from empowering Khalifa Haftar does not allow at this point to room for positive progress toward stabilizing the country, which will be of critical importance to Italian interests, especially with the management of immigration influx and energy resources.

The website said that COPASIR had indicated that Russia's commitment in Libya remains very intense due to the presence of the Wagner Group in the areas controlled by Haftar.

Decode39 said that the formation of the Bashagha government was not accepted by Dbeibah, who then resorted to an agreement with Haftar and in this regard, COPASIR referred to Dbeibah's appointment of Farhat Bengdara as the new Chairman of the National Oil Corporation in place of Mustafa Sanallah.

COPASIR added that Bengdara is very close to Haftar, as he was Haftar's economic advisor from 2018 to 2020. It said that splitting oil revenues is one of the main issues that should be resolved for the stability of Libya, but currently, the committee said, it does not seem that the settlement regarding the appointment of Bengdara and the lifting of the blockade on oil production can be a way for a permanent solution to the crisis.

COPASIR also said that the Libyan situation represents prioritized strategic interests and requires a strong commitment from Rome in cooperation with the United States, France and the United Kingdom, along with the main actors, in drawing up effective solutions for the security and continuity of energy flows, as well as for the correct management of immigration influx.

It added that this would contribute to the stability of the North African region, where there had been increasing signs of instability, especially in Algeria and Tunisia.