Two fighters from Derna, who were wounded in the fight against IS militants, have been arrested by rogue Gen Khalifa Haftar's militias in Bodahak district, southeast of Derna.

Ahmed Boromanh and Faraj Ghazi were severely wounded in the recent fight against IS in Al-Fatayah region. They were on their way to Tobruk for treatment when Haftar militias, claiming to be personnel of Libyan Army, stopped them at a checkpoint and arrested them together with the ambulance driver and a nurse.

The four were taken to the notorious Garnada Prison in Shahat, where violations of human rights are committed on a daily basis. Their fate is still unknown.

A pro-Khalifa Haftar Facebook page posted pictures of the arrested fighters. One picture shows Ahmed Boromanh sitting handcuffed in a wheelchair.

Coalition forces from Derna Shura Council, Tobruk revolutionary fighters and Al-Bayda's Ali Hassan Al-Jabar Brigade launched early this week a fresh military operation to eliminate  the remnants of IS fighters in Al-Fatayah region.

Colonel Mohammed Abu Ghafayar, commander of Ali Hassan Al-Jabar Brigade, was killed in the clashes.