The Spokesman of the so-called Oil Facilities Guard, Ibrahim Jodran's de facto armed groups, said fresh clashes against IS militants renewed Tuesday, a day after an attack to capture Sidra Oil Port failed.

Ali Al-Hasi clarified that the fresh clashes took place in Wadi Kahilah, between Ben Jawad town and Sidra, saying the attackers are using long-range missiles in their assault.

The National Oil Corporation in Tripoli confirmed that another oil storage tank was set on fire due to today's clashes. The first one was burned yesterday.  There are also reports of casualties among Jodran forces.

Clashes broke out Monday with a suicide attack on the first gate of Sidra port before escalating into a heavy exchange of fire. Jordan brigades managed to push the attackers back with the help of airstrikes from GNC's Air Force.

7 Jodran fighters were killed and 25 others were injured during Monday clashes.