Interior Minister Emad Trabelsi says that activating the Arab security cooperation would bring security and peace to all Arab countries.

Trabelsi was addressing his counterparts at the Council of Arab Interior Ministers meeting, which kicked off in Tunis on Wednesday.

He vowed to impose security on all Libyan soil and build a state of law that preserves human rights and social justice and leads to security and prosperity.

"The political situation in the Arab countries has affected the security system and put it in a state of confrontation with the growth of crime in all its forms."

Trabelsi placed a high priority on illegal immigration, viewing it as a security threat on par with other crimes which affect the economy, security, and health.

"Libya is paying the price for immigration, as it is a transit area for neighboring countries," the minister said.

He called on the Arab Interior Ministers Council to adopt a joint strategy for confronting this phenomenon and include it at the top of the Arab security agenda.