The Libyan designated Minister of the Interior Emad Al-Trabelsi said that the security plan to secure the capital has begun to show its impact on the ground, and that the security directorates in Greater Tripoli Municipality are operating more effectively.

Al-Trabelsi added in a press conference that they had achieved important steps in implementing the security plan, which targeted all violations without exception, saying that the security situation in the last period was bad due to the corruption left by the wars and conflicts in Libya. He indicated that there was a significant improvement in the financial and administrative situation of the ministry.

Al-Trabelsi said that 9,000 security personnel had been rehired and that his ministry was working on containing the revolutionaries and armed factions to integrate them into the country's security forces. He added that he had agreed with a number of leaders of the security factions - whom he described as revolutionaries - to give the Ministry of Interior an opportunity to carry out its duties, stressing the need for lifting the social cover on "criminals," and handing them over to police stations. Trabelsi stressed that his ministry would ensure their legal rights.

Al-Trabelsi reiterated his ministry's support for holding elections, stressing their role in securing the electoral process and ending the war and saying they would work to combat illegal immigration in the coming period, through a strategic plan. He also called on international organizations and the European Union to support his ministry in combating illegal immigration by providing training and equipment programs.

Meanwhile, officers at the Ministry of Interior explained that the total number of cases referred to the Public Prosecution Office was more than 4,000, and that the arrest warrants were more than 1,300.