The municipality of Al_Kufra, which is located in the southeast of Libya close to the borders of Sudan, has denied what the United Nations' International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported regarding the displacement of 700 Sudanese people to the Libyan city, stressing that it would announce the numbers of any displaced persons upon their arrival from Sudan. 

The municipality's media office said in a statement on Sunday that it had formed an emergency room to communicate with the government in Tripoli and international organizations to deal with any cases of displacement from Sudan. 

Al-Kufra municipality confirmed that it had addressed the two governments in the country (the government of national unity in Tripoli and the parallel government in Benghazi), as well as international organizations in this regard, adding that it was ready to cooperate with any party wishing to provide assistance, noting that it had received promises of cooperation from the IOM, UNICEF, Relief International, and the Red Cross.

The IOM reported that there were displaced people from Sudan since the outbreak of the war entering Libya via Al-Kufra, saying that there were 700 Sudanese nationals among the displaced people who arrived in the city from April 15 to May 3. It also pointed out that there had been large numbers of Sudanese immigrants in Libya for years, and that they constituted about 19% of the total illegal immigrants in the country.