Libya and Italy are preparing to sign an agreement on the transfer of sentenced persons from both countries.

The Libyan Ambassador to Italy Omar Al-Tarhouni discussed the issue with the Italian Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia in Rome during a meeting on Wednesday to review the preparations for Libya's Prime Minister's visit to Italy in the coming days.

The agreement, if signed, will allow the transfer of a person sentenced in the territory of one country to the other country for serving one's sentence in the state of citizenship.

Ambassador Al-Tarhouni raised during the meeting other issues of cooperation, the most prominent of which was drawing on the Italian experience in transitional justice.

Another central file was the debts claimed by Italian companies from the Libyan state, where several firms brought cases to justice and seized accounts and deposits of Libyan diplomatic missions in Italy.

Meanwhile, the Italian minister expressed readiness to work with the Ministry of Justice in Libya, indicating that transitional justice is one of the foremost challenges that faced Italy at the end of World War II and the foundation of the republic.